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Asthma: Ways to Take Control of Your Symptoms

Asthma: Ways to Take Control of Your Symptoms

Asthma is a condition that affects the lungs, making it hard for patients to breathe during an episode. A lot of people live with asthma, along with its symptoms.

If you have asthma, here are some ways that can help you manage your symptoms:

  • Use your inhaler properly.
    Inhalers are probably the main medical supplies that asthmatic people should have on the ready. Make sure that you know the proper use of your inhaler. Your doctor or care provider can teach you how.
  • Take your prescriptions as directed.
    Your doctor will most likely prescribe you with asthma medications. Get these medications from your friendly pharmacy in Brooklyn, NY for quality drugs. Follow instructions when taking them.
  • Create an asthma action plan.
    An asthma episode or attack can happen anytime. You should have a plan when that happens. Take note of which pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York you will buy your meds from or what your doctor would need you to do.
  • Quit smoking.
    Smoking will only aggravate your lung condition. A smoking cessation program may be one of the pharmaceutical services in New York that are available for you. Avoid second-hand smoke, too, as they can also make your condition worse.
  • Exercise regularly.
    Exercising helps improve your breathing. It also helps keep your weight at a healthy level.

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