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Tips on Improving Your Cholesterol Levels: Change Your Diet

Tips on Improving Your Cholesterol Levels: Change Your Diet

There are two types of cholesterols—the good and the bad—HDL (high-density lipoprotein) and LDL (low-density lipoprotein), respectively. While medications can help lower down high cholesterol, there are some diet changes recommended by a pharmacy in Brooklyn, New York that is good for your health:

  • Reduce saturated fats.

    Saturated fats are found in full-fat dairy products and red meat, all of which are culprits for raising cholesterol.

  • Avoid eating trans fats.

    These are also listed on food labels as “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” found in store-bought cookies, crackers, cakes, and margarine. In fact, as a provider of pharmaceutical services in New York, we have to announce that the Food and Drug Administration bans the use of partially hydrogenated vegetable oils starting on January 1, 2021.

  • Eat Omega-3 rich foods.

    Omega-3 rich foods include mackerel, walnuts, salmon, herring, and flaxseeds. They aren’t direct sources of good cholesterol but help instead of reducing blood pressure.

  • Increase your consumption of soluble fiber.

    This fiber can reduce the absorption of cholesterol in your bloodstream.

  • Eat whey protein.

    This can be purchased from a friendly pharmacy in Brooklyn NY as a supplement or in other forms. Whey protein can lower both cholesterol and blood pressure.

If you look for vitamin or supplement forms for these, we have the medical supplies you need at ClinicMed Pharmacy.

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